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Voodoo Dolls

  • How To Make a Real Voodoo doll

About Voodoo

About Voodoo: Voodoo sect was originated from South Africa. When this religion practice a magic in virtue of one kind of medium that is right the Voodoo dolls. However, the primitive Voodoo doll model is made of the animal bones or straw ,so it looks fierce. In addition, its religious rite is mystical and strange. Therefore, major people thought Voodoo sect as wickedness. Voodoo magic and voodoo dolls were seen as more representative of the evil curse. But some people don't think so. Because there are a lot of voodoo for protection, treatment, love and so on positive craft, the use of sophisticated manual will be developed by a series of different names and the meaning of the main voodoo dolls. Designer Tony, Noky Tam and others think for those of voodoo protection, love and positive treatment of the craft will be able to bring happiness! Therefore, they use a series of exquisite workmanship meaning names appear among the voodoo doll. Put it in your pocket lovely, let it give you a hand. Or stealing the name of the center, you hurt or punish the bad guy! In Taiwan, Korea and Japan have been popular in voodoo dolls only using a manual hand into line .He subsystems to a small extent, indeed the nimbus inherent played its magic power.......

  • How To Make a Voodoo Doll

1,Make the body for your voodoo doll from the two sticks or twigs placed in a "cross" shape. Wrap string or twine around the juncture of the "cross" to hold it in place.

2,Wrap the moss or stuffing around the body of your voodoo doll, starting in the middle and working your way up, around the head and arms, and back down the other side. Use one piece of stuffing material if possible. Wrap the stuffing tightly around the body and it tightly and it should stick, but if you can secure it with a piece of string if necessary.

3,Wind the fabric strips around the doll. Leave a little bit of the moss or batting sticking out at the end of the sticks and at the head. Use a little bit of glue or a needle and thread to attach the ends.

4,Create eyes, nose and mouth for your voodoo doll with buttons, beads, peas, seeds, or whatever strikes your fancy. Secure with glue or needle and thread.

5,Add further decoration or clothing if you want. You can use a different kind of fabric, leather, hair, natural materials, or anything that you like.

6,Make a simple tunic from a square of fabric. Cut a rectangular size to fit, cut a hole in the middle and slip it over the head of your voodoo doll. Make a belt of string, twine, yarn, ribbon or any other material. (This step is optional.)

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